About us

Mako d.o.o was founded in 1990 in Osijek and since then acts as one of the most famous manufacturers of knitwear products. To date, it has been exceptionally successful in the field of design and production of cotton and wool knitwear. Mako’s products can be found in two  retail stores in Osijek and one in Slavonski Brod, in addition to its own retail stores, the company also has a large franchise network and distributes to boutiques and chains throughout Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“Know-how” companies have implemented the international quality system ISO 9001, established quality policy of the company and evolved production of knitwear made on the new machines from the German company Stoll.

Stylish design with imaginative combinations of jauquard knitwear made from the finest cotton and wool yarns combined with acrylic and viscous fibers are what sets Mako apart. Trendy colors and shapes are the main features of Mako’s knitwear. Flowers, striped and geometric designs are prevalent. The design of our knitwear stems from the designer’s. Every pattern, knit and interweaving are  created by the joint forces of the designer and the design team of the company.

In addition to fine twists made of yarn and jersey viscose knitwear, Mako products are made with beautiful high quality lace, perforated leather and high quality chiffon.

Today Mako manages  all of its production in Osijek. Domestic production is fundamental our company’s success. Constantly raising product quality, educating workers, tracking innovations, fostering partner relationships and employee satisfaction enable constant market competitiveness. Thanks to its great experience and dynamic structure, the company now operates in all leading European markets such as Germany, Sweden, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Switzerland and Austria, reaffirming its brand status in knitwear manufacturing.

In addition to fashion clothing in its program, Mako offers protective, work and ethnical program. Male and female knit garments, vest, pullovers, caps and products according to customer’s technical requirements.

Mako is a long-term partner of the Croatian Army, Police, HEP, ZET, GPP. We are proud that they all wear jumpers, sweatshirts, caps and vests made right here in Mako.



Domestic partners

NAMA d.d., Zagreb, Hrvatska

RIO, Rijeka

JADRAN, Zagreb, Hrvatska

VITA, Zagreb, Hrvatska

GALKO, Osijek, Hrvatska

POUNJE, Hrvatska Kostajnica, Hrvatska


VELEPRODAJA: Belomanastirska 47, Osijek, Hrvatska

MALOPRODAJA: MAKO d.o.o., Ulica Hrvatske Republike , Osijek, Hrvatska

MALOPRODAJA: MAKO d.o.o., Ulica Petra Krešimira IV 36, Slavonski Brod, Hrvatska

Foreign partners

KULA, Gradačac, Bosna i Hercegovina

INTERTEKSTIL, Čitluk, Bosna i Hercegovina



MODES, Švedska

GLAVNI DISTRIBUTER: PROFITEX d.o.o. Vareš, Bosna i Hercegovina


Zlatna plaketa za najuspješnije trgovačko društvo u županiji za 1998. godinu od Hrvatske gospodarske komore

Pečat grada Osijeka za osobita ostvarenja u poduzetništvu i maloj privredi za 2000. godinu

Niz priznanja za poduzetništvo dodijeljenih od Zavoda za poslovna istraživanja Zagreb