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About us

Mako d.o.o. MAKO Company Ltd. was founded in 1990. in Osijek. To date, successfully operates in the field of design and manufacture of cotton knitwear or wool knitwear. Currently employs 45 workers. Implemented international system ISO 9001 and established the company’s quality policy emphasizes constantly improving the quality in all aspects of the company, keeping track of all the novelties on the market, fostering good partnerships, and satisfaction of employees which focuses on achieving high quality products, and provides continuous market competitiveness. Products are made from high quality materials and we thus provide a presence in the market as well as export loans in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden and Kosovo. Apart from the FASHION PROGRAM consisting of knitted garments, sweaters, pullovers, knitted tunics and blouses, the company MAKO d.o.o products and SPECIAL PROGRAM men’s and women’s knitted garments: knitted vests, pullovers, sweaters, under cap, hats for the army, police, railway, firefighters, security guards and the like.

Knitwear is produced in the Gauge (GG) of E 2.5, 5, 8, 10, 12th . In addition to its own production MAKO d.o.o is also engaged in knitting and sewing service cotton and woolen knitwear for world renowned ready to wear brands.


Domestic partners:
WHOLESALE: SUPER 74, Zagreb, Croatia
RETAIL: MAKO d.o.o, Divaltova 91, Osijek, Croatia

Foreign partners:

WHOLESALE, Representative for BiH: PROFITEX Ltd. Vares, Bosnia and Herzegovina